Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Family Reunion 2009

Brandon and I at the Vinice Beach!
Picked this one up on the beach ;)

We went to the San Diego Zoo on Saturday, which also happened to be the day that San Diego hosted a Gay Day Parade! It was kinda crazy trying to get there, but it the zoo was well worth the fight! It was AWESOME!

Us with a monitor (lizard) but you can't see the monitor very well.

This snake is PINK (if you look closely you can tell)

And this one is a GREEN!

Standing next to the largest pieces of bamboo ever!

Panda exibit

The king of the jungle and his hunny.

Polar bear exibit. This was one of my favorites!!

This was the avion sanctuary, and this bird was pretty much within reach. Gorgeous.

Kailey was a bit tuckered out by the end of the trip. If you can see, she was pushing Eli's head out of her way so she could sleep. :)