Sunday, June 29, 2008

Gone Muddin'

Friday after work, I met Brandon on our soon-to-be-land and we went 4-wheeling. Here are some pics of the adventure!

Before we head off into the woods...

Unfortunately, while trying to cross a ditch, we got stuck. It took us 25-30minutes to get out. As you can see the camera is a bit dirty...sorry about the layer of filth on the lens.

Brandon got really dirty because he was the main one pushing us out :)

One last look at the 4-wheeler before it gets hosed off!

Friday, June 20, 2008


Yesterday, I was on my way home from work at about 3:30pm. I was cruising at about 55mph and singing along to some Damien my favorite singers. I was approaching a red light when a truck driving the opposite way tried to turn left across my lane. I slammed on my brakes but i started sliding (the roads were wet from a recent down-pour).

I came within an inch of hitting his truck but was able to avoid it (don't ask me how). When I took my focus off his truck, I realized that Iwas skidding into the other lane with tons of cars... So I swerved back, which spun my car 180 degrees and I went sliding sideways into a deep ditch.

Before I could even get my seatbelt unfastened, there were about 4 or 5 men running to my car to help get me out. They were all so nice! They helped me get out through the passenger side and called the police for me. One man was even nice enough to stay with me all the way through the entire incident! And one chased down the truck that cut me off. :) I love living in the South! Nowhere else will you find a nicer people. :)

Anyway, I am just fine, but my car is not so much... I ended up hitting a metal culvert with the backend of my jeep. So we'll see what the damages will be. The only downside is that the guy driving the truck may not have to pay for the damages to my car because I didn't make contact with his vehicle. :( That's a bummer that because I was able to avoid other vehicles, I may be left to pick up the bill....

But on the positive side, I'm grateful that it wasn't worse than it was and that so many people rushed to my rescue! And while the rain helped cause the accident, it also helped cushion my crash into the saturated ditch... Thank heavens!

Thursday, June 19, 2008

Newest Kids on the Blog

Well, we're new to the blogging world. So I'll just give everyone a summary of what's been going on with us.

Brandon and I are doing great. We're loving being married, but miss the Single's Ward sometimes. :) We just recently moved out to Gonzales. Right now, we are waiting for our mobile home to be moved out to our land, so we're staying with Brandon's wonderful mother! I can't wait to move into our own place though! Hopefully, we'll be in it by the end of the month.

We recently had 2 new additions to the family! Their names are Buddy Ellis and Molly Shae. They are 2 beautiful lab puppies and are about 3 months old. Molly is a chocolate lab and Buddy is black. They are super smart too! Recently, we took on their 1st excursion to the pond for a swim. They absolutely loved it! They even learned how to fetch sticks out the water!!!

Blaze is also still with us. He's cuter than ever, and he can still out run the 2 labs (which is pretty hilarious to watch). He also tries to boss the other 2 pups around when they're being too rough or too loud. :)

Anyway, that sums it up for now... Until next time!