Thursday, September 18, 2008

Knocked Out

Well, Brandon had his wisdom teeth removed this past Thursday. He is doing well, but the past couple of days have been quite interesting.
When he arrived at the oral surgeon's office, they knocked him out with some anesthesia and removed all 4 of his widsom teeth. The doctor had some problems getting one tooth out, so they woke him up, x-rayed that tooth, then knocked him out again! They had to dig deeper into the bone to get the last piece out.
Anyway, he's been doing pretty good while at home. He doesn't really like to sleep, and would prefer to be and about. He was an extremely sweet patient, but there were a few "interesting" moments. Thursday evening, he informed me that he "needed to be somewhere." I told him that he didn't and that he needed to rest, but he proceeded to get his car keys and headed for the door. When I asked him what he was doing, he told me that he "needed to be somewhere." I asked him where and he told me that he forgot. :) I was able to get the keys from him and lour him to the couch with the promise of a back scratch! There were many interesting comments that he made while "drugged up," but I'll have to get his permission to post them on the blog. :)
Anyway, the 2 pictures are of him at the surgeon's office after his teeth were removed.

Wednesday, September 17, 2008


So we took a little trip to Destin, FL the weekend of the hurricane. It was absolutely gorgeous! This is a photo from the balcony of the amazing condo where we stayed. We were literally across the street from the beach. Pretty sweet!

It was a much needed vacation, especially for Brandon, who worked his little tush off in the weeks leading up to and after Hurricane Gustav.

Brandon had lots of time to relax!

And when he wasn't relaxing... he was relaxing! 8) Oh yeah. He's in there!

It was great being able to spend time with friends and family! This is Holly, Kailey, and Eli all working together to build a sand castle.

This is "KK" showing me pieces of the sand dollar that we found! She's so cute!

Here's Brandon and Brandon! We met Brandon and Jennie Kern for the 1st time on this trip. They were super cool. All Brandon and Brandon talked about was how Brandon T. does MMA (Mixed Martial Arts). Boys will be boys. 8)

At night, Brandon, Sarah, Ryan, and I all went crabbin'! I had to hold the bucket :* And it got pretty scarey towards the end of the night. The bucket got very full and they were all trying real hard to get out!

Ryan and Sarah caught a really big one, but his little arm fell off! 8( It was real sad and I felt pretty bad about it...

And then we had to pose with the huge crabs we caught... well, they caught... The one Brandon's holding is a blue crab. He was a mean little sucker!

I got the one with one claw! HA.

And Brandon is holding a flashlight...not a budlight. 8)

It was a great trip! Thanks again to the Wilcox's and Joel & Holly for the invite!

Thursday, September 11, 2008

More From Gustav

More pictures from the Hurricane cleanup.

It Sure Was Windy!

As everyone knows, Louisiana was recently hit by Hurricane Gustav. While some chose to evacuate, Brandon & I, along with most Brandon's family decided to stay. We were all prepared and hoped for the best. Luckily we had a generator to get us through the uncomfortable times of no electricity. And it turned out nicely! We actually had some amazing meals thanks to Mr. Ronnie. Brandon and I especially loved the filet mignon! Anyway, there were a few damages from the storm. Here are a few pictures!

This is MawMaw & PawPaw Richardson's house. Brandon, PawPaw, and Mr. Ronnie were just about to walk out of the front door to go check on Ms. Allison (an elderly woman who lives next door) because a tree fell on her house. If they would have gone 30 secs sooner, they would have be crushed by this tree! What a blessing that they didn't! It covered the entire front side of the house and branches were within inches of breaking through the windows. But amazingly enough, no real structural damage occurred!

Here's a picture of where our mobile home would have been. Now there's just a huge pecan tree! Not getting our trailor was a blessing after all!

Brandon and I were both really sad to see it fall because it was such a beautiful tree... almost 100 years old!

And just so you can get an idea of how HUGE this tree was, here's a pic of me
standing beside it! I think the root behind me is as tall as I am!

A special thanks to those who helped chop up these massive trees!!! And good luck to all those about to withstand the forces of Hurricane Ike!