Friday, May 20, 2011

Baby Shower!!!

Ok, I'm a little late posting this... but Friday, May 6th was my baby shower for Brayden!  I don't know if I've mentioned this lately, but I truly have THE best friends and family!  Aunt Vickie, Adrienne McCartney,  Lauren Tingle, Katie Guy, and Aline Dykes threw a shower for our little man, Brayden.  It was absolutely wonderful and we had an amazing turn out.  Almost 40 people came to show their love and support for us that night!  And luckily, we did NOT play the "guess how big around I am" game with the yarn!  (Sorry Adi, I didn't know how gigantic you feel when you're prego!  But I have to say, I'm about 3x as big as you were!)  Below are just a few pics from the festivities!

The super cute decorations (which I got to take home with me!)
The amazing diaper cake that Adrienne made!  It was really cute and had little pacies and a puppy blankie attached!  Thanks Adi!!  :)

The yummy food/more decorations!
Gifts for baby Brayden!  If you look in the center, you will see a little "balloon boy".  Sis. Mary Johnson made him, and he really had a lot stuff in him!

Adi and I waiting to begin!
Katie making us cry with a beautiful poem.  Absolutely LOVED it!

Gift from Auntie Lauren!

This was part of the gift from Aline, aka Brayden's "Tutu Lady" - Hawaiian for grandma :)

Aline cracking everyone up, as always!  I love her!

Small part of Aunt Vickie's gift!

The "Daddy Diaper Bag" from Katie and Andrea, which is actually a tool kit with baby supplies... and a little beef jerky for dad!  ;)

Part 1 of Mimi Kim's gift

Part 2 of MiMi Kim's gift... the cutest bed set ever!!

Gift from Brayden's Great Grandparents, MawMaw Rosemary and PawPaw Pat!

Some of the wonderful ladies that came!
... giving my terrible spur-of-the-moment speech...  wasn't all the great

My beautiful sis-in-law, Lauren and beautiful mother-in-law, Mrs. Kim!  Love them both!!

Hubby coming to collect at the end of the night!
Anyway, I'm definitely less stressed about Brayden's arrival and feel somewhat prepared for him now!  A huge THANK YOU to everyone who came out to the shower, and an even bigger THANK YOU to the wonderful ladies who put it all together for me!  I know it was a lot of time and energy (and money!) put into making it as wonderful as it was!  I love you all!

Happy Birthday To Me!

Yesterday I turned 25! I can't believe it! I sit back and think about my life and realize how incredibly blessed I am. I truly have so much to be grateful for. One of those many things would be my family. I have amazing parents and siblings (and their families) and I have the best in-laws that treat me like their own! And it goes without saying, but I have an incredible husband whom I love and think the world of! I'm so grateful for him and for the opportunity that we have to be parents to one of Heavenly Father's precious children!

Anyway, my birthday was awesome.  It wasn't too much out of the norm, but it really was a great day. When I got home from work, Brandon and I went over to Ninfa's (my favoritest restaurant) for dinner.  Needless to say, it was super yummy.  Brayden really enjoyed it as well :)  He was really moving around a lot during dinner.  I'd have to say it's his favorite restaurant too!  ;)  After we finished, we rented a movie and hung out with each other for the rest of the night!  My idea of fun.  :)

For my birthday, Brandon got me a bluetooth ear piece, which is really cute.  I have to drive to Denham everyday for work and am always on my cell phone, so I was really excited about this gift.  And he's also going to take me to the New Orleans Aquarium as part 2 to my birthday!  I'm really excited and it'll be the last time I get to go before I have Brayden.  Mrs. Kim and Mr. Todd got me some beautiful roses and some really useful green stuff ;)  They also got a delicious chocolate cake from Ambrosia.  MawMaw and PawPaw also gave me some birthday money to go spend on myself!  And Garrett (my sweet little bro-in-law) got me a pedicure along with my favorite candy, strawberry sour straws!

As I stated earlier, I have an AMAZING family and am so grateful for everyone!  Thanks again for my gifts and all of the birthday wishes!  Love you all!

My 1st Mother's Day

This past Sunday was my 1st official Mother's Day. Some may not agree because I don't have the baby on my hip yet, but Brayden is definitely my son and I am definitely his momma! So I'm counting it!! :)

My super sweet (and handsome) hubby got me what I've been needing for a while! An hour long massage!!! My back and hips have been more achy lately so I can't wait to go and relax for an hour. Yay!  R&R, here I come!