Sunday, October 19, 2008

The McTingle Farm

So... I'm pretty much a farmer now. Here's how that came about...

One day, Brandon and Mike (McCartney) got together and started talking about how cool it would be have a "mini farm." They even told Adrienne and I about their little plans... Well, of course they got serious and started talking about where they would keep them and how much everything would cost. Next thing you know, we've got 2 goats and 4 chickens!!! It's actually been really fun having all of the little critters around the house. The goats are just the sweetest things, and the chickens are completely tame. I'm super excited about the eggs that we'll be able to collect once they start laying. 8) Fresh omelets!
The animals were actually given to us for free! Miranda Gibbs and her really sweet family from Zachary gave us both goats and all 4 chickens! They were extremely sweet and took wonderful care of all of their animals. They had a really nice, small farm and needed to get rid of a few of their animals. (They had acquired quite a few from the Hurricane) They actually tried to give us a couple more chickens, but we told them that 4 would be plenty to start off.

The one next to me is named Ipod and the one next to Brandon is named Sweet Pea. Ipod is my favorite because he's so little and cute, and if you Baa at him, he'll Baa right back at cha! Ipod is a little male. Sweet Pea is a female. Oh! And they're pretty funny because they follow Mike and Brandon around the property like little kids. 8)

These are our cool chickens! Right now, they aren't laying because they're a bit stressed from the move, but once they settle in, we'll have some yummy eggs to eat for breakfast "out on that there farm!"
Brandon and Mike being silly! 8) Adi and I love our men! P.S. Mom, Brandon's wearing the tie you bought him! It looks great and he loves it!

On Saturday, my family came out to visit. My mom, Wendy (my sis), Holly (my sis-in-law), and I went shopping for fabric. The kids came to see the farm and absolutely loved it! Starting from the left, it's Madalyn, Ipod, Kailey, and Dathan aka Boogie. I have no idea why they are looking the other way...nothing was over there... oh well. They are still super cute! Oh, and by the way, goats like to climb on things so they climbed onto a big pile of plywood while the kids were trying to pet them.
And here's one with just Boogie and Ipod! He was a little nervous at first, if you can't tell. 8)

Anyway, we had a great day and can't wait for everyone to come visit again! Oh, and if anyone wants to take their kids on a field trip to the "petting zoo," feel free to call me! 8)

Our House

We finally have a place to call our own! Our beautiful new home is now located at 42483 Ferguson Lane.

We haven't moved into it quite yet (we're waiting to get the electricity turned on), but we're definately working hard to get it ready for when we do. When we first got it, the shutters were a hunter green color. That's not really my favorite, so I decided to take them down and paint them.
So Brandon took the shutters off, and I got busy painting them black. They look pretty awesome, if I do say so myself! 8)

Once I was done, Brandon put them back on the trailer.

We absolutely love our new house!!! And can't wait to move in!
Oh, and Blaze loves it too. 8) The 1st time we took him to see it, he ran circles in the living room around the couches! It was too cute!

Friday, October 17, 2008

It's Finally Here!!!

Our house is here!!!
I haven't been able to do any posts recently due to stressful classes and a busy schedule. But a couple of weeks ago, we got our new mobile home! It's taken almost 5 months to get it! It's absolutely wonderful, and we love it. Well worth the wait. While I've been inside unpacking and painting a few things here and there, Brandon and his PawPaw have been working (for a couple of weeks) on sewer and power lines getting it ready to move into. And we should be getting the electricity switched on the beginning of next week! Yay! When I have the opportunity, I will definately post some pictures.