Friday, February 24, 2012

Where's the time go?

So Brayden is 8 months!  He's growing like a weed and getting really active.  He's up and down and all around the house.  He can crawl really quickly and is very good at pulling up on furniture and people.  His fine motor skills are getting much better as well and he's learning to use his thumb and index finger to put ALL kinds of things into his little mouth (in which he has 2 very sharp teeth)!  I prefer it to be food, but he seems to find every microscopic item... goodness!  He's really starting to watch us when we talk and has started saying "Da da."  He doesn't know what it means yet... but he's saying it!  :)

He has started feeding Blaze!  I think it's hilarious and don't know if that's something he thought of on his own or if he has seen us do it and decided to try it out.  He's also "hulking out" these days.  He usually starts it when I'm not fast enough with the food, but will also compete with anyone who wants to rise to the challenge!

A few things Brayden loves:

His toys... and uses them to help him stand up!

While he likes his toys... he LOVES empty juice bottles.  He'll flick them with his hand around the kitchen.

Harassing Blaze.  You can see Blaze is pretty mad about it...
Loves the theme song to "The Office"

Brushing his 2 little teeth!  Is it just me or does he seem too big in this pic??
He is such a joy, and Brandon and I feel so blessed to have him in our family!  He's truly the best thing that's happened to us!
I could just smooch those little lips all day!!

Oh, one last thing!  He's figured out the drawers!!  Uh oh!  Time to "Brayden proof" the house.
Hmmm... what's in here...

Oh hi mom!  I was just... looking.  :)