Tuesday, June 19, 2012

First Birthday!

Oh my heavens, my baby turned one today!!!  It's definitely a bitter sweet thing.  Sad that the time went by so quickly and that he's not my itty-bitty baby anymore.  But so happy that he's healthy, happy, and growing!  It's so fun to see all of the changes over the past year.

We love you, Brayden!!!

He's been walking for a good, solid month now and will even (try to) run when we tell him that we're "gonna get" him.  It's adorable!  He loves animals... especially dogs.  And he really loves to feed them.  :)  His favorite book is one that has a few different animals and the sounds they make.  We read it every night before bed and he tries to make the sounds of the dog, chicken, and duck!  He's very intelligent and knows where my eyes and nose are.  He also knows Jesus and points to His picture (at home or church) when we ask where He is... and he knows Ma-Ma, Da-Da, and Blaze.  He's very inquisitive and loves to figure out how things work, like his motorized car, etc.  He'll turn toys over and examine every piece!

He's sleeping in his own room and usually sleeps the entire night without waking up!  Finally!  He a very good eater, and will try just about anything.  Although he's becoming a tad more picky these days.

I absolutely love the gap between his front teeth and the dimple in his cheek.  His eyes are just gorgeous and his lips are so smooch-able!  His temperament is just wonderful...  Brandon and I couldn't be more blessed, and we feel very grateful to be Brayden's parents and can barely remember life without him!


Mike, Adi & Drew said...

He's IS adorable! Happy Birthday, Brayden!!

Mike, Adi & Drew said...
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